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Developer gets to keep brick steps after compromising with city

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- On Monday afternoon developer Mike Rasch became a happy man, but it was a different story a few weeks ago.

The McKinley Heights homeowner is renovating his home on Geyer and put in brick steps. Rasch thought he was following city and neighborhood association guidelines in the historic district, but soon discovered he didn`t have the proper approvals and dimensions.

He was told to rip the $10,000 steps out and thought the decision wasn`t fair and wanted to work out a deal with the St. Louis City Preservation Board to keep them in. He pled his case to the board at their September 23rd meeting to keep the steps. After 30 minutes of discussion and a unanimous vote, all of the officials and the owner came to a compromise. Rasch was told to make adjustments to his walkway without ripping them all out.

"I'm reducing the size of the steps, and I'm adding some brick on each of the walls on the porch of the house. It's going to be a little funny, but at the end of the road, it works out," said Rasch.

McKinley Neighborhood Association Vice-President Mark Reed says he`s glad Rasch was able to make corrections without ripping out the steps and excessive costs.

"It is difficult for a developer to work in the city because each neighborhood has different codes and different things apply in different neighborhoods. We have housing stock that`s not found anywhere else in the nation. The brick work alone is pretty fantastic stuff," said Reed.

Now Mr. Rash can finish up work on his property and continue to fulfill his quest to make St. Louis a more beautiful place to live. Work on the corrections started immediately and will cost about $2,000 to complete. Renovations on the house should be done by the end of the month.

Developer says city wants him to remove $10,000 brick steps

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