Elected Missouri officials can’t talk about Obama-Care; Watch our TV special

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - FOX 2 is airing a live one-hour town hall at 6pm on Thursday on Obama-Care and the health insurance exchanges that start operation October 1st. A panel of experts and host Elliot Weiler will try to answer as many questions as possible about the Affordable Care Act also called Obama-Care. twelve days from now, October 1st, on-line marketplaces where the uninsured and self-insured can buy health insurance, start operation. Those are the health care exchanges. Several insurance companies will post several plans for consumers to choose among on the exchanges.

Public and elected officials aren't supposed to tell you that in Missouri. And if they do, they can be sued. That's because voters here okayed a ballot proposal in November of 2012 that forbids the state from setting up its own health insurance exchange. The measure also says any state or local government official who cooperates in any way with the federal health care law can either be sued by the state or by an individual.

The voter's approval of that means the state of Missouri has effectively controlled information about the law. But it is the law, okayed by congress, signed by the president, approved by the supreme court. But, thanks to the state's policy most Missourians effectively remain in the dark. They have no idea what happens on October 1st with the health exchanges. They have no idea how the law affects them.

That's why tonight's special is so important. The state government's attempt to control information is extremist nonsense. So it's up to private organizations to get the word out. While we hate to ask you to watch any other station we hope you'll tune in to FOX 2 at 6pm for the one hour special on Obama-Care, the health insurance exchanges and what they mean to you. You have questions? They'll try to have the answers.

Commentary by: Charles Jaco

More about the special: FOX 2′s “Health Care Primer”

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