We needs to change and catch mass shooters before they kill

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NEW YORK (KPLR) – The Naval Yard shooting is also on Larry Mendte's mind.  He explains why the issue is bigger than just gun laws.

Another nut job unleashes the inner fury that comes from his own inefficiencies in a violent rage, killing 12 at the Washington, D.C. Naval Yard.

As you know from watching my commentaries, I refuse to say this nut job`s name or show his picture. I won`t give him the recognition in death he was unable to receive in life, it would be disrespecting his victims.

After the shooting spree California senator Diane Feinstein called once again for gun control legislation and this time she was met with the sound of crickets.

After the shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut there was a push from many for gun control across the country and there was a political price to pay.

In Colorado two state legislators who backed a law to limit the number of bullets in a magazine lost in recall elections.

Dozens of congressmen and senators face tough re-elections next year because of their support for gun control.  And that is why the crickets.

The truth is, proposed gun control legislation would have done nothing to prevent the shootings in Newtown or Washington.  That doesn`t mean nothing can be done.

The killer in Washington had a series of problems he was kicked out of the navy, he had mental health problems, his father said he had anger management issues, he was obsessed with violent video games and he had three gun incidents where the police had to be called.

A profile is starting to develop as there are many similarities between the killers in Washington, Newtown and Aurora, Colorado.

But everyone is afraid to act on these red flags because of the potential of lawsuits and privacy laws.

We do need a new law to catch these time bombs before they go off.  And those who alert the authorities need to be protected from lawsuits.

We have to do something before this happens again. If we can`t control the guns let`s do our best to control the people who use them.

I`m Larry Mendte.

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