Syria and the divide in U.S. politics

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NEW YORK (KPLR) – Days after Syria agreed to give up its chemical weapons, there's bickering over the details of a resolution.

Russia won't support any resolution that authorizes the use of force against Syria if it doesn't comply. But the U.S. and France want to keep the threat on the table.

Larry Mendte looks at the bickering within our borders over the issue.

Wow did I get an earful or I should say an eyeful from your tweets, posts, emails; after I pointed out in my last commentary that republicans were for air strikes in Syria before they were against it.

Specifically I said.

'Their stonewalling I morally reprehensible.  It seems we may need a vote onauthorization after all and republicans need to decide who they want to stop more President Obama or President Assad.

Yeah, that got some people upset and others were overjoyed.

And it is a great illustration that it`s not just our government that is broken, our country is torn in half by politics.

A recent study by the pew institute confirms this.

For the first time in history, politics divides us more than race, gender or class, religion or ethnicity.

We complain about the divide in Washingtonbut it just mirrors us.

And it is not just republicans as many of you pointed out to me in emails with words like dope, moron and worse.

Let`s take a look at some policies of President Obama that democrats in congress would normally be opposed to:

1)      The NSA Surveillance Program

2)      Drone Strikes

3)      The Extended War in Afghanistan

4)      Wall Street Reform

5)      Syria Strikes

On every one of those, democrats for the most part have been silent, swallowing their core beliefs because the president is a democrat.

Moral hypocrisy knows no political affiliation.

Where are the modern day equivalents of Eugene McCarthy, Barry Goldwater, Patrick Moynahan and Ronald Reagan, you may not agree with all of them but you knew exactly where they stood because they had core convictions.

In today`s congress of the soulless, core convictions are for.

I`m Larry Mendte.

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