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Naval Yard shooter should not have been able to get guns

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(KPLR) – In Monday's Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at another mass murder in America.

Washington Navy Yard mass murderer Aaron Alexis shot out the tires of a construction worker's pick-up in Seattle in 2004. In 2011, he fired a shot through his apartment ceiling and into the upstairs apartment in Fort Worth. He was never prosecuted for either. In Seattle, they lost the paperwork. In Fort Worth, well it's Texas, and nobody was killed, so no charges were filed. But Aaron Alexis could still get guns. And he could still get a U.S. military security clearance.

Alexis should never have been allowed to own a gunand he never should have been allowed to get a security clearance. The U.S. Navy booted him out, but still gave him an honorable discharge in 2011. The Fort Worth shooting incident and a string of offenses from traffic tickets to disorderly conduct meant the navy wanted him gone. But without enough evidence for a less-than-honorable discharge, the Navy was satisfied with letting him leave the service early.

Alexis was still able to buy an AR-15 and other weapons; because neither gun case was ever prosecuted. And he was still able to get a navy security clearance. The reason for both is money. A new pentagon inspector general's report shows that the navy has outsourced and cut back on security to save money. That's allowed a few dozen felons to get security clearances, says the report. And Alexis was able to have guns, because the money of the gun lobby has weakened gun laws to the point where discharging a firearm is apparently no longer a big deal.

Whatever his motive was, Aaron Alexis killed a dozen people, wounded a dozen more. They died because one man wasn't prevented from obtaining firearms. They died because one man wasn't prevented from getting a security clearance. They died because; like the rest of us, they showed up for work in 21st century America.

I'm Charles Jacoand that's Jacology.

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