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Fashion designer shows off ‘cool wool’

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LONDON (CNN) - In London, fashion week is in full swing. It's a great opportunity for designers to show off their new pieces. And that includes using traditional materials in very new ways.

CNN's Jim Boulden has more.

It's part high fashion.

Part star trek convention.

London's fashion week.

Its also a big part of 'cool Britannia’s' attempt to show London’s young designers know what customers desire.

For Christopher Raeburn.

Known for his military and desert-inspired collections...

His collection also includes wool, as a way to keep his customers cool, even in spring and summer.

Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Designer: Cool wool, as we know it now, is all about having the right weight of merino wool to keep you cool in the summer. Of course, that is a bit of a contrast and a little confusing to people.

Raeburn is one of the designers who has signed up to the 'cool-wool' push by an Association Of Australian Wool Growers.

One of the wool growers.

Came all the way from Tasmania to witness how well the wool from his sheep travels up the catwalk.

Julian Von Bibra, Wool Grower: Wool is a fashion item, and its paramount to us. This is where it all ends up. It’s hard for us as farmers to understand that. But quite exciting to be part of it and realize where our raw material ends up.

Von Bibra also got to meet and thank Raeburn after the runway show.

With his show now completed, it’s now up to Christopher Raeburn to explain to the fashion media why he thinks wool is cool.

Raeburn's collection is now growing, thanks in part to growing sales in Asia.

We've seen growth through Asia; thinking particularly stores in Korea to begin with. Then China, the Philippines, Taiwan.Traditional markets too American, Canada, Italy and Europe of course.

We are quite patient. We are not looking to grow too much, because of course that can be very dangerous for a young business.

This dress is part of Raeburn's spring 2014 collection.

Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Designer: Its very lightweight, a very fine fabric.

Jim Boulden, London: Yea, it is...

But even he admits.. There are limits to wearing wool...

Jim Boulden, London: We had some really hot days this summer. Were you still able to wear that?

Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Designer: This one, I'll be honest. I was not wearing when it was plus 30.

But Raeburn and a handful of other fashion designers are gambling that light weight fine wool is the key to sales...

Jim Boulden, CNN, London.

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