Waitress responds to bogus six figure tip

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The waitress on the receiving end of a bogus $200,000 tip has a message for the customer who left it.

“I just want answers,” said Sara, a St. Louis waitress who asked us not to reveal her last name.  She also decided not to identify the restaurant where she works.

EmUPDXwSara said 3 customers recently came into the restaurant where she works.  One of them was a man.  The other two were women and said they were sisters.  Sara said they exchanged large amounts of cash between them.  Sara said one of those sisters asked her to keep a secret.

“I will be your guardian angel today.  You`ve never seen a person like me.  You`ve never had a table like me.  This will change your life,” said Sara, describing the words she heard.

When the customer entered the tip, Sara waited a minute before looking.  The bill was for $111.54.  The customer wrote $200,000 in the tip line.  The customer also wrote an incorrect total of $211,000.54 on the line for the total amount.

For a brief moment Sara thought she found financial security.

“I can pay off my student loans. I can go back to college,” said Sara.  “You want to believe it. You want to let yourself believe it.”

Sara said she showed the bill to the manager, and after the restaurant checked with the bank, the tip amount was denied.  Now Sara feels the attention has put her job in jeopardy.

She wants to know why anyone would do something like this.

“I would hope that her sister or the other gentleman with them would step forward and say something,” said Sara.  She is waiting for an answer.

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