Timing of simulated airplane fire questioned

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Lambert St. Louis International Airport began a 3-day, fire training requirement on the 12 year anniversary of 9/11.   The training included a simulated aircraft fire.  Flames engulfed the simulator while fire crews took turns extinguishing them.

Some passengers felt the timing was in poor taste.  Lambert officials say the equipment that simulates the fire was only available this week.

St. Louis Fire Captain Michael Dean supervised the training.  He said it`s a necessary requirement.

"This is certification," explained Dean.  He said without the training, certain types of aircraft would not be able to land at Lambert.

A similar exercise was held at Boston`s Logan Airport.  The agency in charge apologized for the timing.  The Massachusetts governor called the decision to train on 9/11, 'A dumb idea.'

Lambert officials say Logan has access to training equipment year round because the airport is an FAA training facility.  Lambert does not own the simulator used in the training.  The mobile device travels to other airports.

Several passengers we talked felt the simulation should have been scheduled for a different day.  Capt. Dean said the training is a reminder that firefighters do their job no matter what day it is.

Fire simulation scheduled at Lambert on 9/11