Childhood cancer awareness champion teams with St. Peters car wash

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI)-- Shawn Kohrs is teaming with the Green Lantern Express Service Car Wash to help create awareness about childhood cancer.

Kohrs got involved in 2012 when he met Lane Goodwin.

"Lane was a great kid who was died from a terrible disease," Kohrs said.

After Lane's death Shawn began driving around in a truck that had messages about the young boy painted on it.

"It's the Lane Truck, and it means so much," he said.

Employees at the car wash noticed the truck and decided to help after learning about Shawn's efforts.

They are all wearing t-shirt promoting childhood cancer awareness, taking donations to help find a cure and giving Shawn free car washes.

"This is the official car wash of the Lane Truck," Shawn said. "Free car washes are great."

However, Shawn said he will only have the Lane Truck for eight more years.

"I have decided to give it to Lane's younger brother when he turns 16," Shawn said.

But for now Shawn will continue to drive the "Lane Truck" and get it washed at the Green Lantern Express Service Car Wash.

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