Remembering those who died on 9/11

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(KPLR) – In Wednesday's Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at the dozen years since 9/11:

Twelve years ago today, three thousand people died in New York, D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The United States was attacked and went to war. We're still at war a dozen years later. Several trillion dollars and several thousand American lives later, we're still in Afghanistan, still in Iraq. The TSA gropes us at airports. The NSA snoops on our phone calls and e-mails. The CIA dropsdeath from drones.

And after all that, we're a country divided more than ever. Two events on this 9/11 anniversary highlight that. A Muslim organization supported by liberal groups is staging a march in D.C. to protest discrimination against Muslims and the ongoing wars. At the same time, conservative groups are counter-marching protesting the Muslims and the Obama administration’s handling of the consulate assault in Benghazi, Libya one year ago.

A note to both groups, your first amendment rights are important. Very important. But today of all days, please sit down and shut up. Today is about remembering the dead.  To the Muslims--you think marching for Islamic non-discrimination on the day we were attacked by Islamic militants, is really a good idea? And to the conservatives, is today really the day to re-hash the Benghazi screw-ups just because you hate the president?

How about instead we remember people like the Falkenburg sisters? Eight year old Zoë Falkenburg was a bright, vivacious little girl who loved music. Three year old Dana Falkenburg was described as, simply adorable. Zoe should be twenty years old now. Dana should be 15. They were both vaporized in the crash of hijacked United Airlines Flight 77. Let's remember them and three thousand others today. We have plenty of time to go back to hating each other.

I'm Charles Jacoand that's Jacology.

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