Conservation Connection: Apps to Find Fish

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(KPLR) - There is good news for outdoors-loving Smartphone and tablet users.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is helping you discover nature the high-tech way.

It just released two new apps to enhance your outdoor experience sand they're available for download now. 

Dan Zarlenga joined John Fuller to talk about how they can benefit you.

Q. What are these new apps?
· 'Find MO Fish' and 'MO Fall Color'
·Both are available for either iPhone or Android platforms for use on smartphones and tablets
·They take advantage of the built-in GPS so you can use them in the field as navigation tools
·Both can be downloaded now for free

Q. What can you do with 'Find MO Fish'?
·Map module provides a map of Missouri that includes locations of MDC boat ramps for major lakes, rivers and streams
·Plots exact positions of underwater fish structures
·Geo-location features helps guide anglers right to them
·Fish Guide module offers pictures and information on common game fish to help in identification
·'Best Bets' feature lets users view weekly fishing reports and annual fishing prospects for selected areas

Q. Tell us about Find MO Color
·Provides up-to-the-minute fall color scenes which include GPS navigation information
·Users can select close-by locations or anywhere in the state
·Taps into MDC`s weekly local fall color reports for the entire state
·Allows users to upload their own fall color photos and share them through Facebook

Q. How can viewers get these apps?
· Both apps are free and available for download from MDC`s website,
·Follow the 'MDC mobile' link on the page
·Both are designed for Android or Apple platforms
·Or find them online at the iTunes store for Apple or Google Play for Android