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Large meth bust includes “Saddle Tramps” motorcycle club

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – A large meth making operating in eastern Missouri has been broken up by local and federal authorities. A total of 25 suspects have been arrested for federal drug and weapons charges involving the distribution and manufacture of large amounts of methamphetamine. Many of those arrested are part of the Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club. According to a release from the US Department of Justice the club’s president Arvil Matthews is also in police custody.

This was a joint operation between the FBI, DEA, ATF, Missouri Highway Patrol, St. Charles County, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Offices and St. Louis City Police Departments.

The drug charges carry a penalty of ten years to life in prison and the firearms charges carry sentences to ten years in prison. All suspects are presumed innocent. A judge will consider sentencing guidelines.

The US Department of Justice has released the names of the suspects arrested in this case:

  • Jorge Lopez, 37, Corinth, Tx;
  • Melvin J. Scherrer, 49, Bonne Terre, Mo;
  • Alan D. Adler, 54, Bonne Terre, Mo;
  • Brent T. Bouren, 42, St. Louis, Mo;
  • Howard R. Pyatt, A/K/A “Bud,” 55, Bonne Terre, Mo;
  • Arvil B. Matthews, 50, Imperial, Mo;
  • Mark E. Abney, 47, Bonne Terre, Mo;
  • Amber D. Scism, 31, Farmington, Mo;
  • Terri L. Fox, 47, St. Louis;
  • Guillermo Navarro, A/K/A “Willie,” 35, St. Louis, Mo;
  • Jerry L. Addison, 66, St. Louis, Mo;
  • Jerami A. Westenberger, 35, Arnold, Mo;
  • Ray Allen Davis, Jr., 46, Union, Mo;
  • James A. Mitchell, 44, St. Louis Area;
  • Patrick A. Tate, 41, St. Louis, Mo;
  • Jimmie D. Johnson, 60, St. Clair, Mo;
  • Donald J. Maguire, 54, St. Louis;
  • Theodore S. Heege, 48, St. Louis;
  • Norma J. Egan, 47, St. Louis;
  • Donna L. Moss, 45, St. Louis;
  • Sheila C. Heege, 47, St. Louis;
  • Danielle R. Becker, 29, Park Hills, Mo;
  • Haley L. Meier, 34, St. Louis;
  • Heather N. Martin, 27, St. Louis; And
  • Amy G. Horrell, 33, Bonne Terre, Mo.