Missouri legislators should be ashamed of passing paranoid laws

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The Missouri legislature has not yet passed a law saying gravity is no longer in effect in the Show-Me State, but give them time. Lawmakers are going to meet in Jefferson City on Wednesday. They are considering overriding the veto of one of their earlier exercises in magical thinking. This one says that it's illegal to enforce any federal gun laws in Missouri. At least as long as, you know, Obama is in the White House.

Some Missouri lawmakers seem to think that the federal government, specifically Barack Obama, Have hatched some sort of plot to seize their guns. So they earlier passed a bill, that is clearly unconstitutional and illegal, to the effect that anyone who enforces federal gun regulations in Missouri can be arrested. Governor Nixon vetoed it.  If they override the veto lawmakers will be passing a bill that's clearly illegal and unconstitutional and will be tossed out in court.

That's because the constitution is clear. Federal law trumps state law; period. But, some lawmakers and a lot of their rural constituents don't care. You see, they want their country back. They want it returned by that Muslim Socialist in the White House and his coalition of liberals, gays, Jews and all sorts of scary dark-skinned people. So they've worked themselves into a lather imagining what would happen if their guns are taken away.

Nobody's taking their guns away. But, that hair-on-fire fantasy provides a good rallying point for their fear. They're deathly afraid of all of those people who don't look like them, and their only defense is their tactical semi-automatic rifle with the extended clip. The Missouri legislature should be ashamed of themselves for even considering,let alone passing, this kind of paranoid nonsense.

I'm Charles Jacoand that's Jacology.

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