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(KPLR) – This week on “The Pulse of St. Louis”, Syria. Syria has dominated the international news for the last several weeks, since a suspected chemical weapons attack on a Damascus suburb killed over 1,400 men, women and children.  

Images of the sick, dying and dead horrified the world, as the grizzly images started showing up on the internet.

President Obama has called for military action against the Syrian regime of President Assad.  But tempered his tone, after British Prime Minister David Cameron failed to get the backing of parliament for military action; leaving the United States and France the only two permanent members of the United Nations Security Council seeking military actions against Syria.

Add this to the G-20 summit going on in the Russian city of Saints Petersburg, and you the world’s 20 largest economies split down the middle.  One faction support Russian President Vladimir Putin, who want concrete proof that the Syrian regime launched the chemical attack and full back of the UN, before attacking Syria.  And President Obama, along with French President Francois Hollande, trying to drum up international support for military action against Syria.

Meanwhile, the United States Congress is set to start the debating the President’s request for a resolution on punishing Syria for the suspected chemical attack on September 9th.  Which is by no means, secured yet, with the number of votes needed in both houses to pass a resolution for military action?

On the Pulse, a Syrian immigrant, a Washington University International Relations Professor and former diplomat and a Political Science professor from Lindenwood University discuss Syria.

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