Obama’s credibility on the line in Syrian situation

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - In what has been a mind-boggling couple of weeks filled with missteps and reversals by the Obama administration.  The White House's response to chemical weapons used by Syrian president Bashar Assad against his own people, comes what may be the most bold reversal yet.

You have heard a lot about a red line in Syria that if Assad used chemical weapons the United States would react.  Now the president is saying it wasn`t me.

Which takes us back to last year when he set a red line.  He said, "We have been very clear to the Assad regime that if we see that change my calculus."

If that wasn`t setting the red line he definitely has some red paint on his hand. To be fair the president`s point was that the international community set a red line about the use of chemical weapons anywhere a long time ago. but, the international community is not with us in enforcing the red line  although the president said his credibility is not at stake, it is.

Chris Matthews called on Democrats in congress to vote for a strike against Syria to save the president`s hide. No they don`t and no they shouldn`t. No Democrats or Republicans should make this vote for political or personal reasons. It`s too importantand only one thing matters; Does a strike against Syria make America and the world more secure? Anyone who bases their vote on anything but that question should be ashamed.

I`m Larry Mendte

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