Syria and the hangover from Iraq

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(KPLR) – In Wednesday's Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at the Syria and the hangover from Iraq.

For decades, American foreign policy was poisoned by Vietnam, especially by the lies that were told to start the war escalation in 1964 and the lies that were told throughout the conflict by the pentagon and the white house. Now, American foreign policy is poisoned by Iraq and the lies that were told a decade ago that got us to invade. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was not a threat to the United States. The invasion and occupation and thousands of U.S. deaths were all based on lies.

Now we find ourselves debating Syria and what to do. The white house says video from the scene pretty well proves that Bashir al Assad used chemical weapons against his own people on August 21st, killing around 14-hundred people, including over 400 children. That happened, analysts say; because refugees in rebel-held territory hid in basements from Syrian rockets.

The problem is, nerve gas and chemical weapons gas are heavier than air. Chemical agents like sarin or v-x nerve gas, hug the ground and seek the lowest level, like water. That means hiding in a basement is a death sentence; because that's where the gas will accumulate fastest. Shelters from chemical or nerve gas weapons need to be on the second or third floor, up high.

But despite that, a lot of people say the U.S. shouldn't do anything to the Assad dictatorship. And that's because we were lied to about the same kinds of weapons in Iraq. But what if it turns out to be true in this case? Most Americans seem to be saying that even then, they don't want theU.S.  firing cruise missiles at Syria. And dictators like Assad are counting on that; that Americans are so burnt out from 12 years of war and the lies of Iraq, that nothing will happen to them, even if they use chemical weapons.

I'm Charles Jacoand that's Jacology.

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