Internet a buzz over Ben Affleck play Batman

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NEW YORK (KPLR) – The VMA's are keeping social media outlets busy today. Larry Mendte questions another Hollywood move that got people talking.

The Internet absolutely blew up over one of the most significant happenings of our time

No, not the chemical weapons in Syria, not martial law Egypt or Obamacare, small potatoes compared to the announcement that Ben Affleck has been cast to play Batman

Apparently a lot of people on social media also read comic books and to them, this an outrage

Will Wheaton wrote he is really looking forward to Affleck bringing the same depth and gravitas that he brought to Daredevil and Gigli.

Many consider Gigli the worst movie of all time and Daredevil was the only time Ben Affleck played a superhero. Many hope it would be the last time he played a superhero.

But other big stars have been surprisingly good playing batman.

The announcement that Michael Keaton was going to star as the caped crusader also drew the ire of Batman fans and he is considered the best Batman ever.

Michael Keaton is being fondly remembered online.

Chris Jones tweeted. Oh now, Michael Keaton is trending. I hope he`s not dead. Then when he sees Ben Affleck is playing Batman he wrote it`s worse than I thought.

Still others were comparing Affleck to another star who played Batman, my son Jonathan posted on Facebook, it`s Clooney 2.0.

George Clooney is widely considered the worst Batman of all time.

There is even a petition online to impeach Affleck as Batman, something I didn`t even know was constitutionally possible.

Affleck does have his defenders; Tyler Kingkade asked Newark Mayor and NJ Senate candidate Corey Booker if elected, would you stop Ben Affleck from playing Batman. And Booker tweeted back that he is pro-Ben.

Of course Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner did contribute $10,000 to Bookers campaign

But look I get it, Affleck is hot now, he is coming off an Oscar for Argo and his selection is creating buzz. I`m on board.

Now how about Justin Bieber as Robin, Lindsay Lohan as the Catwoman and Charlie Sheen as the Joker, now that will get some Internet buzz.

I`m Larry Mendte.

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