Australian crocodile attack kills man at birthday party

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DARWIN, AUSTRALIA (FOX NEWS) – An Australian birthday party ends in a brutal death, after one partygoer is attacked by a crocodile.

The reptile taking a bite out of 26-year-old Sean Cole as he and a friend swam across the notorious Mary river in the outback. Weighing in at nearly 1,500lbs, the croc dragged Cole underwater. The cause of death is either chest injuries or drowning. Rangers at Mary river wilderness retreat shot the murderous reptile within hours of the attack.

“They let their guard down, you know, having fun or something, and let their guard down and do something they wouldn’t normally do and in that particular location, it’s a pretty, pretty tragic situation.” said Zoologist and Crocodile Expert Grahame Webb.

“Look, unfortunately there will be another one (attack). It’s just a matter of when. You can try and get the message across as much as possible. We have good education programs which go through the schools, and the place was well-signed as far as crocodiles, and they’re even told that by the (Mary River Wilderness Retreat) management when they book in the area. But, you know, human nature, if you can work that out, it probably would solve a lot of problems.” said Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission Ranger Tom Nichols

Australia has seen a boom in crocodile numbers since the species received federal protection in the seventies. The area where Sean Cole lost his life has one of the densest populations.

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