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Blind puppy can now see after surgery

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Austin, Texas (CNN) - Thanks to the kindness of strangers, a pooch in Texas is seeing the world for the first time…and the generosity doesn't stop there.

Kris Betts has this heartwarming story.

It's the difference new eyes and a new life can make.

A 4-month-old rescued puppy, once blind from cataracts, can now see and explore.

A sharp contrast to just a few days ago.

When Danny kept his head down and slowly moved around a room.

Whitney Lowther-Franco, Danny's foster family:  "He'll run into the walls at our house and then stop and kinda move the other way."

Now, with the playful energy of a puppy, he is bounding down hallways chasing toys.

Whitney Lowther-Franco, Danny's foster family:  "He's actually in almost a run which we've never seen him do."

Thursday, Dr. Lysney Wagner performed free surgery on Danny’s cataracts.

Without it, he would eventually go completely blind.

And just minutes after this sight-saving procedure, Danny was already alert and ready to play.

Whitney Lowther-Franco, Danny's foster family:  "It's great every time that's why it's my favorite. It's the same feeling when you can just see them tracking you, even from the kennel. You just know they're seeing you for the first time."

You can see how clear his eyes are now that the cataracts are gone.

Danny's story was so touching; it spread throughout the country, in a matter of hours.

Dr. Lynsey Wagner, Veterinary ophthalmologist:  "We've had donations come from as far as Georgia, Colorado, Massachusetts and California: people clearly heard this story and they wanna to help."

And thanks to the generosity of strangers, the Austin Humane Society has enough money for not only Danny’s care, but other dogs to come.

Kelly Hanes, Austin Humane Society:  "We've believe gotten more that's come in over the top of that, so that will leave a legacy for other animals."

And with the gift of sight, Danny is ready for his second chance.

Danny will need to heal from surgery for the next 6 to 8 weeks then he'll be up for adoption.

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