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Finding chemical weapons in Syria will change everything

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Something so historically significant happened this week that the world is holding its collective breath as it awaits confirmation.  Images of men, women and children dying after a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria were released this week on YouTube;  1400 are reported dead.

The effects of this could be so dramatic that no one is reacting until it is confirmed that it was indeed chemical weapons and they were used by the Syrian government.

How dramatic could the effects of such an action be?  How about the kind of worldwide military action that we saw in Libya? You will remember that President Obama talked about a red line that would determine United States action

It would seem that red line has been crossed. Right now investigators from the UN are in Syria. If they determine that innocents were taken by chemical weapons it changes everything.  The world will be united against Syria in righteous condemnation.  Even Russia will have a difficult time defending its ally.

Chemical weapons have not been used as a weapon of mass destruction since 1988 when Saddam Hussein used poison gas to kill 5000 people in the Kurdish town of Halabja.   It is the worst chemical weapons massacre in history.

The attack in 1988 was used as proof that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction yet after the invasion the chemical weapons could not be found.

There were reports at the time that they may have been hidden in neighboring Syria adding to the intrigue of this tragedy.

Some answers could come as early as next week and with those answers our world and history could dramatically change.

I'm Larry Mendte.

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