Dorm essentials for college students

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(KPLR) – Sending kids off to college is both scary and exciting. For many, this is the first time they’ve lived on their own and providing a few basic tools and amenities – combined with everyday skills like organizing a bedroom, doing laundry and cooking healthy meals – can help make their transition successful.

From furniture and electronics to clever space-saving techniques, Taylor Reich, from The Home Depot, showed Christine Buck some clever tips and practical products to help kids adjust.

Set Up: Whether studying or eating or getting dressed - it all happens in the new home away from home, so help them organize the room into functional areas.

Tech Out: Your kids depend on personal technology to get through the day, but one third of college students cited technology as one of their top three stressors in a survey by tech support service NortonLive. Get the right gear to make sure technology is a resource, not a distraction.

Pile In: At college, space often is in short supply. Maximize the space for daily essentials.