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America should learn from Egypt and vote

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) -  It is astonishing how quickly the pendulum of history swings. Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for three decades until an uprising in the streets of Cairo forced him to resign. The people demanded democracy and got it.

But, democracy gave them Mohammed Morsi a leader in the nefarious Muslim Brotherhood. Under his rule Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for crimes against the people of Egypt. But then Morsi started dismantling the Egyptian constitution and seemed to want to do away with this democracy thing all together.

Another uprising and now Morsi is in prison and Mubarak will go free. All this in two years. The military is now in charge and the future of democracy is in question and the people have no one to blame but themselves. In their first free election, only 43% of the electorate showed up to the polls allowing a fanatic to win with the support of only fanatics.

It is a lesson that when you don't vote you get the leaders you deserve. And before you think this is just an Egyptian problem. Congress's approval rating is at an all time low.  Only head lice and John Edwards are less popular than congress. Polls show that people would like to vote them all out. Yet, the midterm elections are next year when all of the house and much of the senate is up for reelection.

If history plays out almost 90 percent will be re-elected because people don't vote. In the last midterm for instance only 41.5 percent of the electorate voted.

Just like Egypt, we get the leaders we deserve when we don't vote.

I'm Larry Mendte

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