3 teens charged with kill Australian student because they were bored

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DUNCAN, OK. (KPLR) - Three teens in a small Oklahoma town are accused of killing a college student and promising baseball player from Australia.

They're due in a courtroom later today, for an arraignment hearing.

Police say 22-year-old Christopher Lane was gunned down last week while jogging in the town of Duncan.

They say the teens shot him in the back and sped away in their car.

The mother of one of the suspects tried to meet with her son at the courthouse Monday.

Jennifer Luna, Suspect's Mother:  They won't let me; I'm not allowed to see him or nothing.

All in my face - just yelling at me saying my son is a murderer.

I've been up here all morning just wanting to know some answers -- that's my baby, I just want answers -- if he did it then let me know, tell me something so I can ease my mind. I can't go through this.

Police say one of the teens said they killed lane because they were bored and had nothing better to do.

According to police, it appears lane was chosen at random.