SLCC Meramec’s police department under scrutiny

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(KTVI) - There are questions about whether the St. Louis Community College should continue to have its own police force.

This comes after a scathing report was on how the community college mishandled the assault of a student on the Meramec campus.

The 16 page report on the entire incident done by a local law firm was released last Thursday.

It resulted in three top officials being stripped of their positions including Paul Banta, who was the police chief of the Meramec campus.

The report also questions whether the community college police force should even exist.

Blythe Groupe, 19, was attacked in a bathroom here back in April allegedly by 18-year-old Jevon Mallory.

Investigators say Mallory choked her and later admitted to police his intent to kill her.

However the report found that Banta withheld that critical detail from prosecutors.

And that was just one of the problems.

The report listed several other issues and concluded that Banta and the district police chiefs “lack knowledge of basic police procedures.”

In the wake of those conclusions, the report recommends that, “The college should investigate the possibility of having local municipal law enforcement cover the campus as opposed to having its own police force.”

The head of the College Board is quoted in this morning’s Post-Dispatch as calling that recommendation “an interesting question.”

We understand the community college employs 42 full and part time officers on its four campuses.