Larry Mendte talks Pot

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Illinois new medical marijuana law is one of the toughest in the nation.  While more states are legalizing the drug, Larry Mendte says it won't take long for others to follow.

Let`s talk about pot

Why not, everyone else seems to be talking about it.

State after state is making it so you can light up without being brought up on charges especially if you have one of a long list of ailments, the medicinal benefits of pot have been well documented, which is why 20 states have legalized the sale of medical marijuana.

What hasn`t been proven are the horrible side effects of pot use as dramatically if not comically portrayed in the 1950`s movie reefer madness.

Several states and municipalities have decriminalized marijuana because they believe it is a waste of police resources.  In most cases, decriminalization means you get a ticket and a small fine.

And I can guarantee that in the next decade every state will go further and legalize marijuana.

And here`s why, two states have legalized marijuana even for recreational use, Colorado and Washington.

They are still in the process of setting up the bureaucracy and the licensing for stores, but when the smoke from legal pot clears, Colorado is expecting one billion dollars in new tax revenue.

And then watch what happens, states will be tripping over themselves to legalize pot.

The same thing happened with gambling. States were morally against it until other states were making money.  State morals aren`t cheap, but they are for sale. For one billion dollars a governor will come to your home and light your joint for you.

Look, it is hypocritical to have legal gambling, cigarettes, alcohol, guns and a slew of addictive mood altering prescription meds, but then claim marijuana is evil.

Just legalize it and get it over with already.  I know that in some states there will be short term political ramifications, but that all goes away when your state is rolling in the green.  

I`m Larry Mendte.