Alderman calls for curfew to curb violence

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - St. Louis Alderman Marlene Davis is calling for a city curfew. She thinks something drastic needs to be done to stop the number of shootings in St. Louis.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police report multiple shootings overnight. Four of the shootings were in Davis’ 19th ward. Four males were wounded with non-life threatening injuries following an argument at the BP gas station near Compton and Olive. The shooting happened at 1:30am on Sunday.

Police say the shooter was angry because someone would not get off the hood of his car. Police working secondary jobs at a nearby nightclub hear the shots and ran to investigate. The shooter was arrested when he returned to the scene while police were present.

Davis believes tougher penalties are needed for, “nonsense”. She says she is also tired of hearing people complain that a lack of jobs are to blame.

“There are plenty of help wanted signs,” said Davis. “Some people just don’t want to work.”

Davis said the owner of the BP gas station will now need to make thousands of dollars to repair bullet proof glass that was cracked by a stray bullet.

“I think we need to have a curfew right now,” said Davis. “I see too many unnecessary people on the street doing nothing.”

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