Visitors to Magic House “Rams Training Room” get game tickets

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KIRKWOOD, MO. (KPLR) - Some fans got into the Rams-Packers game Saturday night for free if they were willing to let their kids take them on a detour.  A trip to the “Rams Training Room” inside the Magic House produced free tickets for 200 fans.

The team donated the tickets to be handed out to anyone coming in Saturday morning.  The message was put out on Facebook, and several fans pulled on the kids’ blue and gold, and came running.

For employee Gilbert Garrison, who handed them out, it was like playing Santa Claus.

“It feels good when you see the kids faces and they smile and they’re just so happy to see the Rams play and the Packers are in town which is a pretty good team,” he said.  “The kids are ooh!  And you get the jumping up and down.”

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