Attendance down at pools across St. Louis area

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)-- Attendance is down at pools across the bi-state area this year and the weather is only part of the problem.

At Raging Rivers, they`ve also been dealing with the mighty Mississippi, which flexed its muscle early in the season.  Flooding forced the park to close not once, but twice.

But besides the weather, another less obvious problem is eating away at the bottom line.

This year`s school calendar in Missouri.

Most districts went back to class at least a week ahead of last year, in some cases two, which is why most pools in Missouri are now closed Monday through Friday, including the Aquaport in Maryland Heights.

At Raging Rivers, they are one of the few parks that will stay open Monday through Friday through August 25th.  Fortunately, for the weekend only parks, they still have several weekends left and at least this weekend is still looking pretty good.