We’re paying for Egyptian bullets

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - We watch what is happening on the streets of Egypt and we shake our heads. But America has no moral authority to shake our heads in disapproval at the killing in the streets of Egypt, since we are paying for the bullets. It is the latest chapter in a voluminous book called American hypocrisy.

We like democracy and so we backed protestors when they demanded the ouster of our ally Dictator Hosni Mubarak.  But, when that democracy gave us Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as a newly elected president,  we didn't like it so much. So, when he was removed from office in a military coup this summer we didn't really have a problem with it.  Even though by our own laws, we have to stop foreign aid immediately to any government that takes power in a military coup.  No problem. We just won't call it a military coup.  

Tanks moved in and took the presidential palace in Cairo, Morsi was held against his will and the military decided all positions of power. But that's not a coup, according to our government, it's just growing pains, nothing sinister going on.  Maybe they should put in Alan Thicke as president.

So a little diplomatic semantics and the 1.5 billion in military aid keeps flowing to egypt to buy guns, tanks, planes and missiles.

Except some people in Cairo are still a tad upset that the president they elected was kicked out on the street with no due process.  They were told that they get to decide their own government and so they took to the streets to protest, you know, like you're allowed to do in a democracy.

But, not in Egypt.  The death toll is rising as the military run government opened fire with guns and bullets paid for by America.  Growing pains can kill.

No, we can't just shake our heads and pretend we have nothing to do with this, like we have no control.  This blood is on America's hands.

We need to cut off military aid to Egypt until the killing stops and there are free elections.  We can't say we are for democracy while we subsidize this.

I'm Larry Mendte


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