Kid Rock concert tickets, at Walmart prices

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Kid rock has a bad boy reputation.  But one move he's made when it comes to his concerts, is winning over fans in a big way!

Larry Mendte explains.

If you are a fan of the hip hop southern rock and country styling’s of Kid Rock, you are in luck.  If not, you may want to become a fan.

The entertainer has lowered the ticket prices for all of his concerts to 20 dollars.  And I’m not talking nose bleed seats where you are a mile away from the action or obstructed view seats where you sit behind a pole all night. Every available seat is 20 dollars. The concert is aptly named the 20 dollar best night ever tour

But it`s more than that beers are four dollars, t-shirts are 20 dollars each, the singer is offering Walmart prices to his Walmart audience

Speaking of Walmart, the company is partnering with kid rock on the tour and selling tickets in their stores with no service charge. So 20 dollars is really 20 dollars

So why am I doing a news commentary on this? First and foremost it`s because Kid Rock deserves recognition, most stars give lip service to their fans, Kid is putting his money where his mouth is.

In an economy where too many are unemployed, under employed and underpaid, it is obscene that acts like one direction charge over 600 dollars for a ticket

It makes sense that someone from Detroit would take this step.  He sees the suffering in a bankrupt city that those who spend their days in the Hollywood Hills or a New York high rise might not.

But there is more to this, this is a brilliant business decision.  It is bad economy marketing.

Kid Rock’s concerts are selling out.  He is making just as much money in the short term and will make more in the long run as he gets overwhelmingly positive publicity for caring about those hit hard by recession and he expands his fan base which helps with future tours, album releases and merchandise

For instance I have never been a big fan of Kid Rock, but that may change now.   I`ll go see him for 20 dollars over say seeing the rolling stones for 600 dollars a pop. I just hope this bold move by Kid Rock, shames other acts to charge more reasonable prices.

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