Bud Selig should ban himself from baseball

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - As Major League Baseball fans arrive at ballparks across the country this week, many of their favorite players are not on the field. They have been banned from baseball for the rest of the season for taking performance enhancing drugs. So, the fans are left to cheer for those who play clean and those who didn't get caught.

Of course the man who has been villainized the most, Alex Rodriguez, is still playing for the Yankees as the only player who is appealing his punishment of a ban not only for the rest of this year but next year as well.

As much as A-Rod is cast as the devil, baseball commissioner Bud Selig is cast as the savior of baseball for trying to clean up the game. This is when we face hypocrisy on steroids

Let's go back to 1995 when baseball was coming back from an ugly players strike, attendance was at an all time low and the game was in trouble. Suddenly, like a field full of Bruce Banner's, players blew up to incredible Hulks.

Excitement was back in the game as records fell like autumn leaves. In 1998 when steroid monster Sammy Sosa battled steroid monster Mark McGwire to beat Roger Maris's single season homerun record the owners and Major League Baseball raked in the cash

And guess who was commissioner and owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, Bud Selig. Who was part of the see no evil crowd who doled out huge contracts thus encouraging players to belly up to the juice bar?

If we are going to demonize players for being part of the baseball culture of shooting up for power and profit, then those who profited the most should also be held accountable. We can start with Bud Selig, when does he take a long hard look in the mirror, and ban himself.

I'm Larry Mendte

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