Missouri’s 9-11 legislative session is a joke

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - September 11th is one of the darkest dates in American history. So, it's somehow fitting that Wednesday September 11th is the day the Missouri legislature comes back into session. They will spend this session assaulting common sense.

That's because this is a veto session crumbling roads and bridges. Meaning, the hired help are back in Jeff City only to vote on overriding bills that Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed. They won't look at how to help bring clarity to the school transfer program. They won't consider more money for Missouri's under-funded schools. They won't consider our state's crumbling roads and bridges.

Instead, they're going to vote on whether federal gun laws can be enforced in Missouri. This is an important issue for the tinfoil hat crew who are off their meds. They want to re-affirm state sovereignty and the second amendment. They want to keep that Muslim Obama from seizing their guns. They want to pass a crackpot law that's clearly illegal and completely unconstitutional. And they want to spend our tax dollars doing it.

They also want to pass a law saying that Islamic Sharia Law can never be imposed in Missouri. They want to pass another law attacking a United Nations conservation program. And they want to pass an income tax cut that will blow a hole of between a half billion and one billion dollars every year in Missouri's budget.

All of this stuff is extremist nonsense. Intelligent adults should be ashamed of themselves for wasting our tax dollars and their time even considering any of it.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.