Family has 12th baby boy

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ROCKFORD, MI – A family in Rockford is welcoming baby number 12 into the world and for the 12th time, it’s a boy. Tucker Ray Schwandt was born on August, 4.

The family operates on flow charts and chores, sports and band-aids. Sometimes it’s the law of jungle. With boys sometimes it gets a little rough. Ty, at 21, has a lot of experience with wrangling the bunch. don`t turn your back on them for too long with a smile. He’s picked up a few life skills along the way as well.

The boys got to help in naming Tucker along with mom and dad. They hashed it out together in a group decision.  But, they almost named him Elmo.

As for more children, Jay says they aren’t opposed to having more. He says it’s a religious preference and his wife is a devout Catholic.

Jay says if they are blessed with a 13th child, he does hope that is the charm and they are able to have a daughter.

Source – CNN