‘Contamination’ sci-fi convention kicks-off this weekend

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Jennifer Sights is a first time author and this is her first Contamination Def-Con Four.

"Its an urban fantasy paranormal romance," says author Jennifer Sights describing her first book.  "The name of it is Divided and I published it March 12th of this year."

She hopes to sell bundles of her book at the fourth annual fan convention.

"Probably the best way I would explain it to people is that it's a little mini comic-con where fans can come and kind of geek out and have a good time," says Contamination producer David Dyer. "We're a horror, sci-fi and pop culture convention."

Things that go bump in the night and memorabilia from all the movies that kept you wide awake.

"Pop Culture flea market," says event booker Tim O'Saben.  "That's the way I see it.  You have a lot of vendors selling t-shirts and toys and things you can't find anywhere else."

This afternoon they were setting up at the South County Holiday Inn. This three day get together is expected to bring about 4,000 people out.

"I usually run across things," says O'Saben.  "I don't realize I'm looking for, so yes I blow my money."

Ace Frehley from Kiss and other faces behind the masks that made you scream will be on hand for this little convention that's grown in each of its four years.

"Sometimes I have to wake myself up or when I wake up I have to pinch myself and go, 'Is this for real, did I really pull this off?'" asks Dyer.

Who knows what or who you might find at Contamination Def-con Four, whether it's a monster, a Munster or a future J.K. Rowling.

'Her success?' asks Sights.  'Yeah that would be fantastic!'

More information:  Con-tamination.com

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