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LOS ANGELES, CA (KPLR) - The internet has really made things easier when it comes to travel. Remember when they actually sent you airline tickets in the mail? These days any site can find you a flight but takes sorting to the next level with a "happiness" factor.

Sort flights by Routehappy`s proprietary happiness score, which takes into consideration entertainment options, leg room, wifi, in-seat power and more. Routehappy really forces the question, are you willing to pay more for comfort? It might be worth it on longer flights.

What a great feeling to drive off the car lot in a brand new set of wheels. But, dealing with pushy sales people is not so fun. TrueCar makes it easier. The site tell you how much you should pay for the exact car you want. Price it at home, then go to the dealer to buy. The only catch, it`s a cash price. So you might not be able to combine it with special finance deals. But, at least you have a good idea of what you should be paying.

Ever noticed how hard it can be to cancel an account you signed up for online? "Account Killer" to the rescue. Just search for the site you want to get rid of and it will give you direct links to account deletion pages and simple instructions to guide you.

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