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Scam artists phish for credit card numbers at hotels

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TROY, MO (KTVI) - Troy, Missouri police are investigating after scam artists targeted an area hotel. Someone called Luxury Inn & Suites on King Drive Monday night asking to be transferred to two random rooms. When the guests got on the line, the caller pretended to be a hotel employee then asked for their credit card numbers. Luckily, they did not give out their personal information.

The guests told management about what happened as they were checking out. Jag Swan, owner of the hotel says he contacted police immediately. "It's really terrible, not only for guests, but it makes for a bad situation for business owners, too," said Swan.

Swan said the male caller had a professional voice that could have fooled just about anyone. Linda Carlson from the Quad Cities in Illinois, is grateful the hotel is warning customers. "Now I know not to give out my credit card numbers. I'm grateful to find this out before I'd done something I'd regret," Carlson sighed.

The hotel is warning clients about the scam when they check in. The General Manager, Vaishali Swan also says no calls are being put through, unless the caller can provide the guest's name and room number. "If both of them match that means they do know who is in the room and we will connect it, if they don't know who it is we won't connect it," she said.

The owner says he's trying to run a good business and be a good neighbor. "I just want to help our community, especially business owners and our guests," Swan said. He also says he wants to hire experienced people to work in housekeeping in the hotel, which has fifty rooms and a swimming pool.

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