Harvester residents still struggling from May’s tornado

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HARVESTER, MO. (KTVI) - St. Charles bar owner Misty Lima and other community members decided to do a poker run and raffle this weekend at Misty Nights Bar and Grill to help those in need. The event was created for those devastated by the May 31st tornado's that left a path of destruction.

Months have gone by and for some the clean-up and recovery process is still fresh in the minds of those who lost everything.  The event is needed to help victims like Julie Corbett with repairs, insurance deductibles and other expenses.

'It`s been a nightmare my kids have not been able to be home all summer we are stuck in a hotel with a 3 and 8 year-old we just want to go home. People in the community have been excellent with support and donations from day one.' Said Corbett

'The money goes to the Cottleville Fire Department they will distribute it for the Harvester Tornado Relief Fund. It`s on a first come first serve basis and they do have applications.' Said Lima

The poker run is this Sunday from 10 am till midnight. There are a total of five St Charles businesses participating. There will be music, food and bands on site.  The application deadline for the assistance is 5pm on August 9th.  Applications are submitted to Cottleville Firefighters Community Outreach.

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