Weiner may have ruined his wife’s reputation too

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - IT has become the modern day Punch and Judy show.  Political wives standing, humiliated, in front of the world as their office-holding husbands admit publicly to a wide array of philandering. Every word of admission hits the loyal wife like a punch to the gut.

The list is as long as the array of sexual exploits. Former Idaho senator Larry Craig and his wife Suzanne. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda. former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy and his wife Dina. That's just to name a few.

Some wives not only stand by their man but fight back on his behalf and so far that tactic has been successful. Hillary Clinton stood by her man. Not once but twice. Setting the stage for two of the greatest political comebacks in history.

That brings us to Huma Abedin, wife of New York Mayoral candidate and former congressman Anthony Weiner. She is a close friend and confidant of Hillary Clinton and seemed to be using the Clinton playbook when she defended her husband for a relapse of sexting and lies. Only it didn't work.

The news conference seemed too contrived, too manipulative.  And there has been backlash.

The New York Post asks Mrs. Weiner, "What's wrong with you?" on it's cover. To make matters worse, Anthony Weiner turned around and blamed marital problems on the fact that he went back to showing his namesake online again.

So he blamed the woman who stood next to him, further humiliating her. It is just a matter of time now before Weiner drops out of the mayor's race and he will have to now live with the fact that he ruined his own reputation and career - but he may have ruined his wife's too.

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