Anthony Weiner is no joke

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - It's officially not funny anymore.  I No longer get to do an Anthony Weiner commentary with a smirk on my face and double entendres in my script.  I no longer laugh at the tabloid headlines.  Anthony Weiner has a problem and should not be mayor of New York City.

Like many New Yorkers, I was willing to forgive and forget the initial Weiner tweets. he resigned, he learned his lesson, he hurt no one but his wife and family forgave him.

I, like most of you, believe in second chances, i believe in redemption.  Both are earned by coming clean and living clean. Anthony Weiner wanted us to believe he did both when he posed as the family man in a People Magazine spread in July of last year. The same time he was hiding, still sending sexual photos and messages to a 22-year-old woman while hiding behind the pseudonym, "Carlos Danger."

With this latest story Weiner exposed more about himself than he wanted to.  He didn't just lie the once out of panic,  he is a serial liar.  His tweets were not just some indiscretions he learned from.  It is an addiction he still hasn't beat.

If being humiliated into resigning from congress didn't make him stop. What makes you think being elected mayor would stop him?

I know that some of you will say he told us there would be more women before he ran but not more women after he resigned.  He knew what he was doing. This is all too manipulative.

So was the news conference with his wife Huma.  I don't give her the same high marks as others in the media. It also seemed manipulative.  She is enabling him for power and profit.

It is time for Anthony Weiner to end his campaign for mayor and deal with his demons for the good of his family.  New York deserves better.

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