Are music stars boycotting Florida over Trayvon Martin verdict?

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The case has also renewed discussion about stand your ground laws.  Larry Mendte explains how one celebrity taking a stand on the issue, may be standing alone .

The Stevie Wonder boycott is growing into a full fledged movement, so says Stevie Wonder.

You`ll remember that the music legend announced that he won`t play a concert in Florida until the state repeals its stand your ground law.  

He made the announcement right after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

This even though Zimmerman never made a stand your ground defense; he claimed simple self-defense, which is the law of the land across the country.

But that didn`t stop other performers from joining the boycott.  The Stevie Wonder people leaked a list to the American urban radio.

Jay-Z tops a list of acts reportedly boycotting the sunshine state.

Wait a minute, so Jay-Z is boycotting Florida, but he had no problem vacationing in Cuba with Beyoncé.  I guess guns are okay if they are in the hands of an oppressive government led by a dictator.

But I digress.

Also on the list are Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Rihanna and Rod Stewart.

But wait another minute, a spokesperson for Rihanna says; I`m not boycotting and an executive at the Sun Life Center in Miami says he spoke with the Jay-Z people and the concert is on.

It seems Stevie Wonder is like the Will Ferrell character Frank the tank in the movie “Old School”.

He thought he had more people following him than he really did.

Here is the problem, 23 states; almost half the country have stand your ground laws.  A boycott ends up hurting the performer more than the state.

It seems sometimes when you stand on higher ground, you stand by yourself.

I`m Larry Mendte.