Mendte: National Media & Stand Your Ground Law

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The attorney general is one of many calling to do away with the stand your ground, self-defense law.  But Larry Mendte points out; it didn't play a role in the George Zimmerman trial.

In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, Stevie Wonder announces that he will not perform concerts in Florida until they repeal the stand your ground law.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a news conference claiming the Zimmerman trial proves that stand your ground laws need to be rolled back across the country.

There is only one problem with this reaction.  The stand your ground law was not part of the Zimmerman trial.

The prosecution never claimed a defense based on stand your ground and the prosecution never brought it up.

So where is this coming from, once again the national media, right after the shooting the networks made the law an issue without knowing if it was relevant, without knowing the facts of the case.

During the trial, even after the verdict, talking heads on cable news kept bringing up the law.  They still are bringing it up today, which makes you question whether they even watched the trial.

I did and I heard George Zimmerman claim self-defense, which is the law of the land across the country; Zimmerman’s story was that Trayvon Martin jumped him and pinned him to the ground, a story visually portrayed to the jury by the prosecution using a foam mannequin.

The big difference between stand your ground and regular self-defense is that with stand your ground there is no obligation to retreat.  You see with a self defense claim you have to prove you did everything to try and get out of the situation before deadly force.

If George Zimmerman was pinned to the ground, he couldn`t retreat if he wanted to and that`s why he didn`t make his defense based on stand your ground.

If you are still against the law fine, don`t base it on the George Zimmerman case. You sound, well; uninformed, of course that`s never stopped anyone from spouting off on TV.  Believe me, I know, I do it for a living.  

I`m Larry Mendte.

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