Parkway Coach Talks About Former Player Pitching In All Star Game

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI)-- The starting pitcher for Major League Baseball`s American League All Star team was nearly overlooked as a prospect when he pitched for Parkway Central High School.

"He was raw, didn`t have control all of the time and quite frankly ran out of gas after 4 innings," said Rick Kirby, one of Max Scherzer`s coaches in high school.

Kirby watched the All Star game on FOX 2 and cheered from his Chesterfield couch.

"I think every kid dreams you know just to be in an All Star Game," said Kirby. "He`s the starting pitcher for goodness sakes."

Scherzer now pitches for the Detroit Tigers.  He was first noticed as a big-league prospect while pitching in a tournament in Florida.   About a dozen scouts were at the game to see two other players.  When Scherzer started pitching, scouts ran to their cars and grabbed their radar guns.  They liked what the saw.

Kirby credits Scherzer for working hard to build his strength and sharpen his skills after leaving Parkway Central.

Kirby received multiple texts from Scherzer fans, while watching the American League went on to win, 3-0.