Officer shot in the face, gives back to the community

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BELLEVILLE, IL. (KTVI)  - A Belleville police officer was shot in the face back in 2006. Numerous blood transfusions helped save his life and helped him through numerous reconstructive surgeries. Now he's giving back, by giving his name to a blood drive going on in Belleville.

Belleville Police Sergeant Joh Brough took a shotgun blast square in the face in November 2006 when he entered a home where a murder suspect was barricaded. It took 12 pints of blood to stabilize him that night. It's taken 25 operations to repair his shattered face. And now, Brough's helping support a Red Cross blood drive.

The Red Cross will be taking blood from volunteer donors who show up at the Quail Club on Concordia Church Road in Belleville. It was volunteer donors like these who gave the blood that saved Sergeant Brough's life and who gave the blood that enabled him to survive two dozen reconstructive surgeries. Now retired from the police force, Jon Brough says he hopes to get the message out that without volunteer blood donations, the supplies at many area hospitals could dry up.