Muny Employees Become Theft Victims

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Some employees at the Muny had an unpleasant surprise. Thieves smashed the windows of their cars early Tuesday morning.

The show this week is "Les Miserables" and some of the folks putting it on are a little miserable themselves.  Nine cars had their windows smashed in the lower Muny parking lot.  Tuesday morning, the cars were all gone, but there was a good deal of glass still on the ground.

It was reported to police about 1:00 a.m. Tuesday and all the cars belonged to Muny employees and not visitors to the show.

“We’re actually surprised we’ve had no issues at all this season we’re about as surprised as anyone else," said Kwofe Coleman, house manager at the huge outdoor theater.

For all the trouble, thieves reportedly didn't get away with much. Apparently a purse, a pair of sunglasses and a couple of iPods.  There is a sign here that states the area is under surveillance, so the crimes were caught on tape.

Coleman said, “Typically there aren’t people here at one in the morning that is a little bit late for us this is a slightly longer show so some of the staff was here a little later.”

Muny season ticket holder Jeff Seyer was not too concerned, “I’ve never had any trouble a tall out here never seen anybody suspicious out here.”

Muny officials insist theater goers and their cars are safe. During a show city police patrol the area, so do park rangers, Muny workers watch the parking lot and extra police are hired for each show.  Coleman added, “Lots are pretty well patrolled so we are pretty confident during the show and afterwards.”  Diane Uhlenbrock is a Muny fan, “I park it (her car) and I feel confident that when I come back everything is going to be fine and it has been.”

Police say the suspects were riding in a red Chrysler P.T. cruiser possibly with Illinois license plates.