Mendte: Media Coverage of Zimmerman post verdict

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Larry Mendte takes a look at the national media coverage and says it seems like they were just waiting for the protests to happen.

When the jury handed up a not guilty verdict clearing George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin

The cable news stations immediately cut to a split screen in expectation of riots

And all they got were passionate but peaceful protests outside the Sanford, Florida courtroom

Reporters kept saying things like so far the crowds are peaceful and this crowd is sure to grow- at best they were hoping for violence at the worst they were trying to incite it - hadn`t it already done enough?

The national media should be ashamed how it helped inflate a tragedy into a spectacle with doctored 911 tapes, made up terms like white Hispanic and made for TV protests led by TV hosts.

The media got the trial it wanted, but after the verdict, it wasn`t able to stir up the reaction it so wanted

Sure cameras found some broken windows and isolated incidents as TV crews combed the country searching from city to city - but  a few small incidents that normally wouldn`t even be reported is all they could find in their nationwide scavenger hunt for violence

Less violence in America than they have in one city when the hometown team wins a championship

The crowds had every right to protest - our country is founded on that right - and the fact that the protests didn`t escalate shows our racial divide is slowly closing as the protestors who disagree with the verdict still showed respect for the process - they should be commended

Of course you won`t hear that in the disappointed national media.  USA Today shows a photograph on its front page that makes a small protest in Times Square look massive with the question can racial rift be healed?

But the fact that there was no violence shows that we are healing, that we are maturing as a country.  I just wish the national media would take the cue and grow up too.