Lionel: Social Media and Zimmerman Verdict

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – And Lionel looks at how social media effected people's reaction to the verdict.

Social media saves the day again after the Zimmerman verdict. It will also be his doom. Let me explain. Social media which is anything but encourages the internalization of emotion and thought. It shuts off human connection and interaction. And that`s great.

Why? Because after the Zimmerman verdict those filled with anger and vitriol and rage will retreat so they can tweet away. And that`s it. No taking to the streets, no rioting, no roaming gangs hell-bent on destruction.

Why when you can tweet? It acts as a pressure valve, an escape. But here`s the irony. When and if Zimmerman ventures out unattended and unaccompanied by security all it will take is for someone with an iPhone or smartphone camera to click away upload, post and GPS locate Zimmerman.

So twitter and Facebook supply both the medium of rage, a self-contained and controlled mode of violence diversion and the panopticon of perpetual surveillance. And while I’m on the subject of the vehicle of hate, Twitter and Facebook this week have presented the forum for misunderstanding, misstatement, and misrepresentation of fact as to what actually happened during the Zimmerman trial. Why let the facts interrupt seething and obscene bleating bile.