Baby Born With Organs On Outside Has Corrective Surgery

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- In February, we showed you the incredible story of a baby born with his organs on the outside of his body.

The plan was to put the organs back into his body at some point.  That time came after five months.  Doctors thought it would be a year but little Hayden Hoskins was ready earlier than expected.

Hayden was born with an omphalocele.  It's a birth defect where part of the baby's abdominal organs form in a pouch on the outside of the body.  The defect was found on an ultrasound before Hayden was born.  His delivery went relatively smoothly.  Then just a few weeks ago, Hayden had the sack opened and his intestines and other organs put back into his abdomen.  Doctors wrapped some muscles around the organs and sewed him up.

Children's Hospital is known for having great success with omphalocele babies.  Hayden should develop like any other child.  He does have a greater risk of his intestines becoming twisted or developing a hernia, but it's not an unusually higher risk.

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