“Aaron’s Last Wish” Project Surprises St. Louis Server

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)--  It was no ordinary BLT and chicken sandwich that Lori Radake served up yesterday at South City Diner.

"Have you ever had anything like that happen?" asks Patrick Clark.

"Never," says a still shocked Lori Radake.  "I've never so much as won $2 on a scratcher ticket."

But she was on the receiving end of a $500 tip from a man trying to honor his brother's last wishes.

"I was really stunned by it," says Radake.

Seth Collins is on a coast to coast journey to honor his late brother's wish of leaving $500 tips to waiters and waitresses.

"He's always had an appreciation for the serving industry, even as a kid with allowance money," recalls Seth Collins. "If my parents didn't leave a big enough tip he'd take a couple bucks out and toss it on the table just to bolster it. He just didn't like to see them go without being appreciated I think."

"Well I noticed they were playing with these little cameras and they said, 'Oh he's getting married tomorrow and we're just filming his day," says Radake. "I said, 'Oh cool.''

Collins has received more than 60-thousand dollars in donations which he intends to give out at least 120 more 500 dollar tips.

"I think that's going to go on record for the diner as the biggest tip," says South City Diner owner Pete Spoto.

"I love it when they want to know about Aaron and don't focus on the money," says Collins.

And this money came at right moment for this recipient.

"I just got a $250 electric bill from running my air this summer so yeah, it came at a really good time," says Radake.

If we're remembered for the way we treat strangers, then Seth Collins is going to make sure his brother Aaron's legacy will live on for some time.

To see more video or to donate, visit AaronCollins.org.

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