Jacology: Medicare For All

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(KPLR) – In Wednesday's Jacology, Charles Jaco examines the messy situation concerning Obamacare.

Since the United States thinks your health should mean big profits for private enterprise, the cost of health care is skyrocketing. In fact, the price you and your health insurer pay for prescriptions and doctors visits and medical procedures is among the highest in the world. How high? Between deductibles, premiums, co-pays and prescriptions, a family of four spends an average--an average--of 92- hundred dollars a year.

The employer of whoever has insurance in that family of four spends 13 thousand dollars a year per family. It's literally true that there's more medical care costs, than steel costs, in the average American-made car. Health care costs are going up over six percent a year.  On top of that, you have millions of poor people who use expensive emergency rooms as their only access to regular health care.

Obamacare was never going to fix any of this, because the affordable care act is a mess. And the reason it's a mess is that it tried to fix health care and still leave all of the fat-cat big-profit insurance companies, drug companies and medical providers large profits. Right from the start, there was only one way to bring all of this under control.

And that was to bring every man, woman and child in the country under Medicare. Medicare for all. Medicare works. It's overhead is low. And given the amount of medical care it would be buying, Medicare could make like Walmart and force medical care providers to drive down their costs.

But none of that happened. The administration has just now said it's delaying for one year the Obamacare requirement that employers provide health insurance. This is what happens when you try to fix medical care and leave fat profits intact. It won’t work. Medicare for all, would work.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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