The Way It Oughta Be: Saggy Pants

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(KPLR) – Should St. Louis city police become the fashion police?

The last time I weighed in on a saggy pants controversy it became the subject of a city council meeting.
I poked fun of the idea - wondering if someone would pass an ordinance against some of the ugly golf pants that I see.
The Collinsville mayor shared that story with council members, wondering if they would want to pass an ordinance banning yellow pants next.
They ignored his advice and passed the ban anyway.  Now a sagging pants ban is being debated in St. Louis City.
I don`t have a problem with a saggy pants ordinance but here`s the thing.  Police have much more important things to do than to write tickets to 14 year old punks for showing their underwear.
Yes, it`s offensive.  And no, I don`t want to see any sagging pants in my neighborhood but guess what, like most fashion trends, just wait a while, it won`t last forever.

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